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China Dental Curing Light manufacturer

Dental Curing Light & Dental disinfection unit

About Us
FOSHAN JERRY MEDICAL APPARATUS CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer for Dental products and ENT products, such as Led Curing Light,air compressor,led medical headlight, led cold light source,ENT patient chair and ENT ...
Factory Tour
We have 2 production line, one for parts production and test,such electric parts checking and installation as following: Another one for full product installation and test,please see to following:
Quality Control
We have our own hardward, plastic and electric material department, all the material production process are under strict control. Every products before shipment have to be tested for thousand times by machine automatical...
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Address : 2nd Floor, #1 Block, Mubei Industry Area, Muyuan Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan
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86-757-86637778(Working time)
86--15815621160(Nonworking time)
Fax : 86-757-86637778